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If you have picked up a newspaper or read a paper online in the last two days, you have no doubt read about some of the medications we use in our practice.  The drug coming under the greatest scrutiny has been the heartworm, flea and intestinal parasite prevention -TRIFEXIS.  We were very concerned about what we have read. We have been using this product to keep our pets free of fleas and heartworm disease since May, 2011.  Our mission has always been to provide our patients with compassionate, science based care.  We would never, even remotely, want  to jeopardize the health of our patients or your trust in their care.  Until these doubts and uncertainties are resolved to everyone's satisfaction, we are temporarily suspending the sales of
On a personal note, I do feel these articles have unjustly attacked, and have given a black eye to the veterinary profession that I love.  Veterinarians, as a whole, are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have had the pleasure to meet, especially when it comes to animal care.  HORIZON VETERINARY SERVICE, their Doctors and Staff have not been paid by Elanco to promote their products.  Nor will we be reimbursed by Elanco for suspending the sale of TRIFEXIS.  It is not now, or ever will be our mode of operation.  Our oath and commitment is to use our scientific knowledge and skills for the benefits of society through the protection of animal health and welfare.  Once we are satisfied uncertainties have been resolved, we may once again make TRIFEXIS available.  Please feel free to stop in and visit with us to address any and all of your concerns.      

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Horizon Veterinary Service is located in Delphi, Indiana. Our goal and policy is to treat pets and their people as we would treat our families. You are the heart of our practice, and the reason we are here. At all times our patients and our clients will be treated with respect, dignity and compassion. Being of service to our patients is the definition of our purpose and the mission of our practice.

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